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Happening Now

2019 Recap

Last year, The Jason Foundation provided more than 190,000 educator trainings on youth suicide awareness and prevention.  The National Strategy for Suicide Prevention details the importance that educators can play in the prevention of youth suicide.  An educator’s role in suicide prevention is not found in counseling young people but being better able to identify and assist students who may be struggling with thoughts of suicide.  The Jason Foundation provided this outstanding number of trainings through their Professional Development Series.  This Library is comprised of educational modules that are suitable for school personnel, youth workers, first responders, parents and any adults who interact with young people. 

The Jason Foundation’s school-based, youth curriculum is titled, “A Promise for Tomorrow.”  It is designed to be utilized within a school’s health or wellness class in grades 7 – 12.  The lesson teaches students how to help a friend.  Over 900 new schools and youth organizations received the “Promise for Tomorrow” Student Curriculum in 2019.  This youth program has over 15 years of field testing and is one of the most widely utilized student programs in the nation.  These newly adopted programs have the potential to reach almost half a million new students.  These figures are in addition to the thousands of previously placed curriculum units and the millions of students already participating in the program.

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