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E4 Health

E4 Health is a National Health Management Solution Provider.

They offer behavioral health risk management for employers seeking to improve wellness, increase productivity, and ultimately reduce the demand for healthcare services.

E4 Health has developed a state of the art delivery platform, HealthMap.  HealthMap leverages core EAP psychosocial expertise for seamless and fluid member engagement for behavioral interventions. Core product offerings on the HealthMap system include EAP, Wellness and Chronic Care Management. www.e4healthinc.com

In the partnership with The Jason Foundation, E4 Health provides the National CARL line backup and service within states where a JFI Affiliate office is not located. E4 is also a collaborative partner on the “Guard Your Buddy” suicide prevention program for the Tennessee National Guard.  E4 is based in Dallas, Texas with centers of excellence in Providence, RI, Shrewsbury, MA, New York, NY, Saint Louis, Mo and Atlanta, GA.

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