Students are in the age group that youth suicide directly affects. It’s important to know what you can do for your classmates, team mates, and friends. You can start by downloading our FREE smartphone app, “A Friend Asks”. Learn more


As a parent, you can educate yourself about the magnitude of the problem, encourage local schools and organizations to be more involved, and more… Learn more

Educators, Youth Workers, Coaches

It is important for you, as a major influence in the lives of young people, to join in the battle against youth suicide. Educators, youth workers and coaches can do this by getting themselves and their schools educated on the warning signs associated with youth suicide and how to help. Learn more

Rascal Flatts B1 Program

Award winning country group, Rascal Flatts, brought about a very unique program called the “B1 Pledge”. This program is tailored to quickly and effectively teach all ages how to “B” a friend to someone who may be considering suicide. Learn more