The Jason Foundation programs are based on the Triangle of Prevention model in order to reach all areas of a young person’s life: parents, educators/youth workers and youth themselves. All programs are offered at no cost to participants with whom we contract.

“A Promise for Tomorrow”

This curriculum unit is designed for students in grades 7-12. This study unit, “A Promise for Tomorrow,” provides students with suicide awareness and prevention information through peer support and appropriate response to peers in need. The program comes with lesson plans that can be presented in either a 3-day or 5-day unit based on a regular 50-minute period. It is flexible and can be implemented in a variety of school schedules with little difficulty. The program includes lesson plans with teaching strategies, accompanying powerpoint presentation, a DVD (“Choices”) to enhance lesson discussion, promise cards, and other materials. It is available in a printed format, cd format or downloadable format.

Available Formats for “A Promise for Tomorrow”

    • Ready To Teach Curriculum Unit: All materials are included and ready to use (English only).
    • Curriculum Unit on CD ROM: English and Spanish versions of materials are included and may be printed at your convenience.
    • Downloadable Curriculum Unit: Unit materials are downloadable in English or Spanish.

To receive “A Promise for Tomorrow” Program Kit, please fill out the order form and select which version you would like to receive here.

A Curriculum Agreement  must accompany all orders for youth suicide awareness and prevention programs.

Staff Development Training Modules

The Jason Foundation, Inc. offers programs for educators, law enforcement personnel, health professionals and others who work closely with young people. There are multiple training modules available which discuss the staggering statistics associated with youth suicide, identify several signs of concern of possible suicidal ideation and explore resources to help a depressed or suicidal youth.

The Jason Foundation staff development training seminars are available in two  formats, the training, which is primarily designed from individual study but can also be used in a group setting, can be accessed from this website . Click here to request a login and password for the online trainings.

The online staff development trainings are also available in DVD format. This format is primarily used in a group setting. This format comes with a facilitator guide that is easy to follow and implement.

To order the Staff Development Training Modules, please click here.

Note: To schedule a staff presented seminar contact The Jason Foundation Education Department at 1-888-881-2323, or click here

Parent / Community Seminar

The Parent and Community Seminar DVD is designed specifically for parents and communities conducted by Clark Flatt, Founder/ President of The Jason Foundation and is based on his personal experiences following the suicide death of his 16-year old son, Jason. The program consists of statistical information about youth suicide, warning signs of suicidal ideation, risk factors, what a parent can do and resources for assistance. Everything needed to present this seminar is included in the DVD package, including a facilitator guide, talking points and questions for discussion.

Parent seminars can also be presented by JFI Representatives in areas near a Jason Foundation office. These seminars are designed to give parents tools and resources needed to recognize possible problems with their children and know how to respond.

Also, The Jason Foundation offers schools and other youth organizations a Parent Resource Program (PRP) for their website. ThePRP includes signs of concern, elevated risk factors, resources, and other information for parents to educate themselves about youth suicide and how to help their child.

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B1 Project

The B1 Project is a collaborative effort between The Jason Foundation and Rascal Flatts. The purpose of the B1 Project is to give young people the information and resources to “Be Aware, Be Able, and Be Prepared” for their friends who may be struggling with suicidal thoughts. With the theme “Someone you know may need a friend – B1”, the program encourages young people to listen to their friends and be prepared to act should it be necessary. To learn more about the B1 Project, visit

B1 materials are available upon request, please click here.

Faith Based Program

The Faith Based Program is a three-lesson series developed specifically for church youth groups and possibly Christian-based schools. It is a study in how young Christians support those people who are thinking of suicide, have attempted suicide or have lost someone to suicide. It does not dictate any particular theological views on suicide but allows the youth leader to explore how we look at suicide through our faith. This program is based on Christian principles; however, it is designed to be left open to denominational interpretation.