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During the 2014 legislative session, SF 0078 / Enrolled Act No. 31, Senate, also known as The Jason Flatt Act, was passed with an effective date of July 1, 2014.

The Jason Flatt Act of Wyoming
SF 0078 / Enrolled Act No. 31, Senate
Effective July 1, 2014

According to SF 0078 / Enrolled Act No. 31, Senate (The Jason Flatt Act Wyoming): Commencing with school year 2014-2015 and each school year thereafter, with funds made available to the district under the Wyoming education resource block grant model as defined under W.S. 21-13 101(a) (xiv), require each teacher and school administrator within the district to receive at least eight (8) hours of suicide prevention education every four (4) school years using suitable materials reviewed and recommended by the state superintendent under W.S. 21-2-202(a) (xxxv).

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