Experiencing a crisis? Call 911 or use 988 to call or text the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.

American Football Coaches Association

The American Football Coaches Association is considered the primary program for football coaches at all levels of competition.

The 11,000+ member organization includes more than 90% of head coaches at the 700-plus schools that sponsor football. The coaches represent high school, college and professional levels of play. The AFCA works closely with the NCAA and other organizations involved in the game. The association supports programs that improve the quality of life and future of its members and the youth of this nation. www.afca.com

Since 2004, American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) have encouraged over 11,000 member coaches to help in the awareness and prevention of youth suicide. Many AFCA coaches have accepted heightened responsibilities with JFI as “Ambassadors”. Our coach ambassadors work with JFI on such projects as Public Service Announcements, speaking engagements, and helping to introduce JFI programs and services on a local, regional or national basis. AFCA has been instrumental in helping build a national image of JFI and a national message of awareness and prevention of youth suicide. Visit our JFI/AFCA Ambassadors page here.