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Preventing Suicide Among Foster Care Youth:

A Training for Foster, Adoptive, and Other Out-of-Home Caregivers

While suicide is a significant public health crisis for the general population, the risk for suicidal ideation and behavior increases for youth in care because of the complex circumstances they often face.

  • At any given time, there are estimated to be over 400,000 youth in care.
  • Youth in care may have complex medical, mental, and behavioral health concerns stemming from a trauma history.
  • Children who are adopted wait an average of three to four years.
  • Youth in care may struggle with separation anxiety.

This training module discusses facts, myths, and signs regarding suicide risk for youth involved with the child welfare system and specialized topics such as trauma and adverse childhood experiences. Material is presented by a professional speaker and people with lived experience (former foster youth, foster and adoptive families, and experts in the field). Suggested protective factors and recommendations are provided for caregivers.

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