Experiencing a crisis? Call 911, 988, 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or text “Jason” to 741741.

Crisis Support Team

WHAT WE ARE A resource for guidance and advice to deal with traumatic events that could affect students’ and young people’s emotional health in a school, church, youth organization, or other setting.

We are not a crisis hotline. This is neither intended as counseling for individuals nor a replacement for professional services that may be needed, including counseling for groups.

School counselors (administrators), church leaders and youth leaders can find themselves unsure of the actions that should or should not be taken in today’s world of devastating events that sometimes happen in our schools, churches or youth organizations. These tragic events can range from a suicide or attempt to auto related injuries, death, and school violence.

While larger schools, school districts and even large churches may have adequate resources, we have found that many times the people in charge of handling these events feel alone and lack a good “sounding board” for advice when trying to mitigate the impact of these tragedies in the surrounding communities.
That is why The Jason Foundation has collaborated with Acadia Healthcare to provide the Crisis Support Team (CST). Not to be confused with clinical treatment or direct counseling, CST will provide telephonic assistance via clinical professionals that will listen and share insights when handling such events in the best clinical way. This service is not crisis counseling for individuals, but rather guidance for administrators or leaders responding to groups dealing with adverse events.

CST is a free community service offered by The Jason Foundation and Acadia Healthcare. Connection to a clinical advisor typically occurs within 24 hours of contacting the Team; however, weekends or holidays can delay the response to the first working day following the holiday or weekend.

To contact the Crisis Support Team, click here. (Please note that you will be directed to a website outside of The Jason Foundation website)

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