Experiencing a crisis? Call 911 or use 988 to call or text the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.

First Responders

As First Responders, you have the opportunity to make a difference within your community and profession in regard to mental health and suicide.  Being on the front lines of danger and many times the first on the scene of a traumatic experience, First Responders are in a unique position to have a lasting impact on the community.  Suicide currently ranks as the second leading cause of death for youth ages 10 – 24.  More First Responders lose their life to suicide than in the line of duty.  Police Officers, Firefighters, and EMS Workers are more likely to suffer from PTSD than the general public.

The Jason Foundation is proud to offer our First Responders Training Module: Addressing Suicide with Youth in the Community and within the Profession.  The goal of this training is to provide First Responders with the knowledge, skills and resources to enable them to be better able to recognize the signs of concern and elevated risk factors for suicidal ideation in youth within their community, as well as in co-workers and fellow first responders.

Clicking the button below will allow you to view the training module.  There is a short form that must completed prior to viewing.  The Estimated # of Staff Participating will be the number of people that will be watching the module at this time.  If your department decides to view the training in separate groups, each group will enter the information separately.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via our contact submission form online, at contact@jasonfoundation.com, or by phone at 615-264-2323.

Thank you for helping us keep our communities safe.

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