Experiencing a crisis? Call 911, 1-800-273-TALK (8255), or text "Jason" to 741741.

I Won’t Be Silent

Would you know how to respond if you recognized someone you know may be thinking about suicide? Our challenge is to challenge anyone and everyone to raise a national conversation about the “Silent Epidemic” of youth suicide. Learn the warning signs, challenge the people you know to learn them as well. Challenge your co-workers, school, social club, friends, or family to join you! Share iwontbesilent.com or wewontbesilent.com. Use the #IWONTBESILENT or #WEWONTBESILENT on all of your social media accounts. Change your social media profile picture to one of you holding a #IWONTBESILENT or #WEWONTBESILENT sign. You can also make one with our online generator. Suicide is PREVENTABLE! With your help, we can save more lives.

Learn more at iwontbesilent.com.

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