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Strategic Behavioral Health

Strategic Behavioral Health (SBH) currently owns and operates more than 10 behavioral health hospitals in seven states.

The Memphis-based company started in 2006 and has consistently led the way in the use of evidence-based practices and quality inpatient and outpatient care to support a diverse population of children, youth, adults and geriatric patients suffering from mental illness and co-occurring disorders.

At Strategic Behavioral Health, our dedicated team of professionals partner with a broad range of stakeholders in all the communities where our hospitals are located. We are committed to providing world-class behavioral health care to the patients and families we serve and strongly believe this vision is best realized when we increase patient education and awareness.

As one of the few behavioral healthcare organizations that collects, synthesizes and publishes patient outcome data, we are confident treatment is best optimized and sustained when supports and resources are available and accessible.

We work closely with organizations that share our core values and support the stated goals and planned objectives of Strategic Behavioral Health. The partnership with The Jason Foundation will allow greater access and opportunity towards the common goal of supporting patients and families in need.

The Jason Foundation (JFI) and Strategic Behavioral Health will have multiple Affiliate Offices located nationally. The Affiliate Offices will serve as hubs where parents, teachers, guidance counselors, students, churches and other community organizations can get educational materials and learn about training programs available through JFI.

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